isoframe29Modular exhibition / display stands consist of a variety of standard sized interlocking components which can be installed and dismantled with a minimum amount of tools, labour and cost. All modular exhibition systems and display stands can be easily reconfigured to fit many sizes of stand space, either within an existing shell scheme or space only, without the need to adapt any of the individual parts; unlike a custom built stand. Once dismantled, the display system components can be packed away in transportable storage containers or durable bags until the next event is due.

We have a wide network of suppliers from all over the country that offers an extensive selection of modular exhibition systems and display equipment for use on exhibition stands from the award winning ranges, including various types of lightweight panels and aluminium structures, also Modular Double Deck Stands if you require.

All modular exhibition stands from our suppliers are for sale, with a selection of Hire or Rentals options as well. Portable flooring can also be supplied, either sale or on hire.

Contact us today, for free quotations from various / independent suppliers, located in your area.