Digital Wayfinding Signage systems solutions (3)

Digital Wayfinding Kiosks can do so much more than provide directions

Digital Wayfinding Kiosks can also provide display floor plans, maps, leasing information and building pictures. It can also interact with visitors, provide way-finding maps, display tenants advertisements and provide a visual of emergency notifications and contacts.

Let your building standout from the rest

Digital Wayfinding Signage systems solutions (2)Our Digital Wayfinding Kiosks and signs can do much more than just point your guests in the right direction. Where traditional directional signs serve only one purpose, our digital wayfinding kiosk solutions allows dynamic content to surround your building’s wayfinding materials.

While relaying accurate information is the main goal of these displays, their flexible and customizable nature allows them to serve a number of additional purposes. Property managers can use our digital wayfinding kiosk solutions to:

  • Provide easy directions for your visitors.
  • Integrate with other solutions e.g. meeting room event database.
  • Enhance the visitor experience.
  • Personalize the display by posting a welcome message.
  • Free up additional staff time.
  • Reach more visitors at the same time.

Communicate Clear and Consistent with turnkey digital wayfinding kiosk solutions

Digital Wayfinding Signage systems solutions (1)Our digital wayfinder kiosks are powered by advanced digital wayfinding kiosk software that puts powerful functionality in the palm of a user’s hand. Much in the way that GPS systems have supplanted maps, feature-rich digital wayfinding products take building navigation into the 21st century.

Typical customers include malls, office buildings, hospitals and other large facilities, which rely on the company’s products to:

  • Provide your audience with detailed directions in a rich, engaging and modern format
  • Integrate with other solutions like meeting room event database.
  • Promote events, services and other activities.
  • Embedded with QR codes or customer URL to send to portable device.
  • Reinforce your brand by incorporating your logo.
  • Eliminate printing costs and delays.
  • Sell ad space to partners.

A map can be more than just a way of getting visitors to their destination — it is an opportunity for branding reinforcement, cross-selling, advertising and more. Achieving these goals in a subtle way that doesn’t interfere with a visitor’s experience is one of the key goals of any digital wayfinding kiosk.

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Great Reasons to consider moving over to Digital Wayfinding Kiosk Solutions

  • Interactive digital wayfinding kiosk is “Self-Service” and reduces the requirement for staff to help direct visitors to their location.
  • It offers a more positive visitor experience by reducing frustration so visitors are more likely to return.
  • With complex path mapping, you can provide the options to print directions or send them to a mobile phone.
  • Searching and interactive directory instead of a static list allows people to filter large lists of names alphabetically, by department, position, etc.