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Digital Information Displays Systems - Targeted Messages that can be Modified Instantly

With our cost-effective, feature-rich, cloud-hosted Digital Information Displays Systems and software solutions, Digital Display Technologies is able to provide customized turnkey digital advertising solutions that contains all elements necessary for an organization to get started with digital signage.

Digital Information Displays Systems - Targeted Messages that can be Modified Instantly

signage-solution-advertising-01Take your communication and advertising to the next level. With Digital Display Technology’s advertising and digital signage solutions, you can make your ads and communication collateral come to life. Today’s customers are increasingly influenced by dynamic media and Digital Information Displays Systems gives you the opportunity to “speak their language.”

  • Reinforce your brand identity.
  • Enhance your customers’ in-store experience.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell via the dynamic advertising signage.

Variety, Visual Appeal and Timeliness

Paper signage can either be complemented or eliminated by a digital advertising network. The digital advertising signs can be updated at any time and offer the promise of minor upkeep and significant flexibility.

  • Reduce cost by eliminating printing.
  • Fine-grained targeting for targeting by location, time, day, audience etc.
  • Display current offers and promotions dynamically.
  • Empower employees and increase productivity by using retail signage as a sales assistant.

An Edge over your Competition

digital-signage-real-estate-02Our powerful Digital Information Displays Systems also gives you an edge over your  competition. In any industry, in any economic conditions, our products offer value-added features and services that help retail businesses succeed.

Our Digital Information Displays Systems can deliver on:

  • Easy to update web-based CMS.
  • Remote management.
  • Full-HD 1080p content playback for maximum impact.
  • Zone-based screen templates to display multiple media content.
  • The ability to schedule content for days/weeks/months in advance.
  • Multi-user platform capabilities.
  • Free content widgets e.g. RSS feeds, social media, calendar

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Great Reasons to consider moving over to Digital Information Displays Systems for your business

Digital signs eliminate the recurring costs associated with printing and shipping new static signs.

You can easily update content on digital signs from anywhere with an internet connection. With digital signage, you can take advantage of day-part scheduling to show different menus or items based on the time of day or day of the week. Digital signs reduce both real and perceived wait times. Digital signs allow you to upsell and promote special items with strategic integration. Digital displays make it easy to change boards for new items, new pricing, sold out items, and more. Digital signs enhance your customers’ experience. Digital signs allow you to display emergency messaging in real time. You’re able to entertain customers or guests by using interactive content on digital signs. – Digital signs can display calendars, schedules, and upcoming events to keep viewers informed.

Digital signs attract more attention by using high-definition motion graphics and video.

Digital signs  reduce paper waste. Digital sign content can be updated within a matter of seconds.