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Digital building directories can do more than display company names and their office numbers!

Digital Business Directories can also provide display floor plans, maps, leasing information and building pictures. It can also interact with visitors, provide way-finding maps, display tenants advertisements and provide a visual of emergency notifications and contacts.

Let your building standout from the rest

interactive touchscreen electronic digital building directories for corporate buildings offices (2)Property and facilities managers often struggle to keep their traditional building directories up to date and attractive. Needless to say that failure to do so, will leave your visitors confused and frustrated.

Our digital building directories solution helps to solve this dilemma by transforming your mundane list of names and locations to a colorful, dynamic, and interactive graphical presentation.

Some benefits of our digital building directory solution also includes:

  • Eliminate costs of updating. Unlike physical directories which require expensive parts or specialized training to alter, our digital building directory solution can be updated remotely from any Internet-enabled computer.
  • Tailor your messaging to day, evening and weekend visitors. Demographic patterns can have a major impact on marketing. For facilities which see regular, consistent changes in clientele at different times of day, a digital building directory can be automated to ensure the most effective messaging is delivered to each target audience.
  • Post up-to-the-minute business hours for tenants. Information about scheduled or unscheduled closings can be delivered to an electronic building directory in real time.

Communicate Clear and Consistent with turnkey building directory signage

interactive touchscreen electronic digital building directories for corporate buildings offices (3)Our Dynamic digital building directories signage communicates clear and consistent messages providing directional and navigational assistance to guests.

With our digital building directory solutions, property managers can:

  • List tenants using their corporate logos for brand reinforcement.
  • Display floor plans to illustrate the layout of the building.
  • Post leasing information to attract new tenants.
  • Sell ad space to tenants.
  • Post important announcements.
  • Add a welcome message to impress special visitors. Nothing makes a guest feel more welcome than personalized messaging.
  • Take advantage of multi-language support so guests can easily access important information in the format that’s best for them, eliminating confusion and freeing up support staff to provide assistance to other visitors.

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Great Reasons to consider moving over to digital building directory signage solution

Although the benefits of a digital building directory can be achieved in essentially any building or office park, there are definately some business and commercial clients who covet these benefits more than others. Clients and building characteristics that fall into the following categories may want to strongly consider the advantages associated with digital directories.

  • High Occupancy Turnover: If you’re the proprietor of a building where business tenants frequently move in and out, or you have trouble keeping it near full-occupancy, a digital building directory can help manage turnover and replenish occupancy. You’ll be able to tell a prospective occupant, “Sign this business lease, and I can have your information, along with your move-in date, on this display by the end of the day.”
  • High Visitor Turnover: If your building sees new visitors on a regular basis, they’re more likely to need help finding the right floor and door for their purposes. This can be true of university campus buildings with new freshmen each year, medical offices that frequently see new patients, among other business and commercial enterprises.
  • Branding and Atmosphere: Whether it’s a low-end office building or a high-end apartment or condo complex, a digital building directory solution will add an extra sense of class and affluence to your building’s interior. If this type of branding fits with your building’s atmosphere, these digital displays make perfect sense.